Open letter

Dear customers and partners.

Saigon Manufacturing & Trading Joint Stock Company (SMC) was established on November 7, 2002, with the mission of creating sustainable, quality values through SMC concrete products. Vietnam market; make practical contributions to creating and preserving the quintessence and values for the constructions that SMC contributes; improve Vietnamese brand name in the international arena.
Throughout the process of formation and development, SMC team has constantly improved the quality of products and services, as well as enhanced research and development of unique and different concrete products. So far, SMC concrete brand meets all the stringent requirements of the market and consumers while ensuring strict adherence to the Quality Management System according to international standards ISO 9001: 2015 organized by the organization. NQA (UK) certified with the SMC standard system. Modern concrete production line is invested and operated by Italian technology with a covering system, sufficient for the needs of concrete of Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces, contributing significantly to the process. building and sustainable development of national infrastructure.
And the happier, more proud thing for the CB-NV SMC team is the appreciation and trust of our customers and partners at home and abroad, to regularly be selected as a supplier. key concrete for national projects. Those are also the most valuable rewards, the strongest encouragement for us on our journey to become a leading enterprise in Vietnam in the field of commercial concrete.
Your companionship and trust will also always remind SMC to make more and more efforts to reach new heights.
We wish our customers good health, prosperity and look forward to accompanying you in the next projects.


Why choice us

Over 18 years of operation, SMC has affirmed the brand of a leading concrete supplier with guaranteed quality and progress. At SMC, we are committed to bringing our customers superior value for quality and service.

Quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2015

Currently, the whole company system in both factories and SMC office blocks has applied the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2015, in addition SMC also complies with standards: TCVN Standards (Ministry of Construction ), BSI (UK), ASTM (US), JIS (Japan) and Base (SMC) Standards. All products are strictly monitored by the company from input materials to finished products.

Products of high quality and stability.

Facing the situation of the race of sales of companies in the industry, SMC chose a completely different direction, focusing on the quality of products and services. Oriented from the board of directors, all SMC employees understand that quality is honor, is the survival and sustainable development of the company.

Always research and improve products.

With the desire to maintain the leading position in concrete, SMC has strengthened its research and development of unique and different concrete products to meet the increasingly diverse needs in the field of construction.

Service is a trademark.

To make SMC leading concrete brand like today, in addition to good product quality, professional service is an inseparable part. SMC has established a set of processes related to before, during and after sales service, we will provide technical support and guide customers to make the best use of our products. After-sales policies and regimes are always maintained and implemented by SMC in order to better meet the needs of customers.

Protect and preserve a green and clean environment.

At SMC, we firmly maintain a commitment that the manufacturing and distribution of products comply with the manufacturing process, in accordance with environmental laws and regulations.

To be trusted by domestic and foreign partners.

By providing the highest quality concrete products and the best services, SMC has gained the trust from customers, and the market share has been expanded. SMC is proud to have gained the trust of domestic and foreign partners, to be regularly selected as a key concrete supplier for national projects.