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10:29 24/06/2024

How Long Does Cement Take to Dry? (Guide for Quick Cement Drying)

For humid environments or rainy weather, cover the cement or use dryers. Additives can help speed up the drying process and other methods. Explore the article "How Long Does Cement Take to Dry?" at SMC Concrete for more useful information.

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16:43 22/06/2024

What is Commercial Concrete? Mixing Methods at SMC

Commercial concrete is a crucial construction material widely used in both building and mechanical industries. It is produced according to strict quality standards and serves projects that demand high uniformity and quality.

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16:42 22/06/2024

What is Low-Heat Concrete?

Low-heat concrete is a special type of concrete produced by using materials that limit the heat generation during the cement hydration process. This helps control the internal temperature of the concrete mass, reducing the risk of thermal cracking and ensuring the durability of the structure.

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16:38 22/06/2024

Trends and New Technologies in the Concrete Construction Industry

Amid the continuous development of the construction industry, concrete - a key building material - is also undergoing significant changes in technology and trends.

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14:09 19/06/2024

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16:34 15/05/2024

Simple things you may not know about Concrete

Concrete - Building materials are very common in modern life, but do you really understand them all? Join us to learn about this material with many new things you may not know.

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16:14 15/05/2024

What is cement concrete

Introduction of fresh concrete, advantages and disadvantages

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16:13 15/05/2024

How concrete is made

Put simply, the concept of concrete is a mixture of glue and raw materials. Adhesive consists of portland cement and water, which helps to link raw materials (stone, gravel ...) and fine materials (sand, grit, crushed stone ...). Through a chemical equation called hydration, these substances harden and cause all to stick together into a rock-hard mass ...

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16:07 15/05/2024

Causes of Concrete Steel Corrosion and Remedies with SMC

On the construction journey, reinforced concrete plays a crucial role, but corrosion can weaken the structure. Explore the causes of corrosion and effective remedies with SMC in the article "Causes of Concrete Steel Corrosion and Remedies with SMC."

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16:06 15/05/2024

Maintenance of Fresh Concrete According to Technical Standards

To achieve perfect concrete quality in the construction process of sustainable projects, factors such as sand, gravel, cement, and mixing operations affect concrete quality. Especially, maintaining fresh concrete after pouring is extremely important.

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16:05 15/05/2024

Choosing the Right Concrete Power Trowel for Your Project

This article will guide you on how to choose the right SMC concrete power trowel for your project, considering factors such as power, size, durability, and flexibility.

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