SMC is honored to receive the title "City Enterprise Typical of HCMC in 2018 ”and“ Entrepreneur Typical of HCMC in 2018 ”

On the evening of October 13, 2018, at the ceremony to honor Typical Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs 2018 organized by Ho Chi Minh City Business Association, Saigon Manufacturing and Trading Joint Stock Company (SMC) was honored to receive the title of Entrepreneur City enterprises. The representative of HCM City in 2018, and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Vinh, General Director of SMC, also received the title of City Entrepreneur HCM City represented in 2018 by the City People's Committee. HCM awarded.
Attending were City Party Secretary. Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan; Chairman of City People's Committee. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phong; Head of Propaganda and Party Committee of City Party Committee Than Thi Thu; Chairman of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee Ms. To Thi Bich Chau; Permanent Vice Chairman of City People's Committee Mr. Le Thanh Liem and the presence of more than 800 delegates representing central leaders, leaders of departments, agencies, districts, districts, business associations at home and abroad, representatives of HUBA member Associations - Business Club, Central and City news agencies, 100 businessmen and 99 enterprises were awarded the Certificate of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise of HCM City in 2018

Secretary of City Party Committee Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan spoke at the ceremony
From May to September 2018, Ho Chi Minh City launched the poll and selected 100 typical entrepreneurs and 99 typical businesses in 2018. These are the businesses and entrepreneurs with outstanding achievements in production - business, well observance of law provisions, high budget contributions, contributing to the socio-economic development, building Ho Chi Minh City with a good quality of life and literature intelligent, modern, gratitude.
Mr. Pham Van Nghia - Deputy General Director of SMC represented the typical Enterprise Award in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM 2018
Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan - City Party Committee Secretary HCM congratulated Mr. Nguyen Thanh Vinh - CEO of SMC
Chairman of City People's Committee. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phong congratulated Mr. Nguyen Thanh Vinh - CEO of SMC
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Vinh - CEO of SMC received a typical entrepreneur award in the city. HCM 2018
Entrepreneurs receive the award "Typical HCMC Entrepreneur of 2018"Enterprises receiving the award of "Typical Ho Chi Minh City Enterprise in 2018"
Representatives of SMC leadership attended the ceremony
This is a recognition for the positive contributions of SMC to the cause of economic development of the country in general and Ho Chi Minh City in particular. With serious and proper investment in products and services, SMC believes that it will continue to maintain its position as a leading Concrete brand in Vietnam.

SMC Concrete received the title "Typical products and services in Ho Chi Minh City" in 2019

16:22 16/10/2019

On the evening of October 12, 2019, at Vinpearl Landmark 81, SMC Concrete received the title "Typical products and services of the city"

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New Year Party of Saigon Manufacturing - Trading Joint Stock Company 2019

09:10 09/03/2019

SMC Concrete New Year Party 2019, this is an opportunity for employees to meet, exchange and prepare for a new working year.

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SMC Company won the Men's Football Championship in the fourth SCC Annual Sports Festival in 2018

09:33 13/01/2019

At 18:00 on 11/01/2019, at the Multipurpose Court (PhoDong Village Urban Area, District 2), the program "Annual Sports Festival IV - 2018" with the theme "Time to shine" was held. This is a program to summarize and honor individuals and collectives who have excelled at the Sports Festival. After a period of exciting competition, fierce competition with many excellent athletes from companies: SCCI, SMC Saigon, SMC Long An, PLC, VietUnion, FDC, DKRA, SCQC3, our SMC athletes have Achievements far exceeded expectations

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